Thursday, October 22, 2015

Starting to prepare microgreens!!
We first soak them for a day in water inside and only then we sprinkle them on top of the coco dust

Top Roof -  Starting with kratky method. We will prepare one more system this week!

Just transplanted...

 The hydroponic systems....growing...
Soon we will have to transplant the flowers to leave place for something edible!

At the base, the green trays with the latest seeds sprouted

Buckets shared by melons (melon de piel de sapo.....MMmmmm so good!)
and tomatoes with the kratky method.
The tomatoes are doing well and the melons had been heavily attack by this worm 
that i show on the pict down here...
Does anybody knows how to solve this problem? 
We try to spay the plants with soapy water...but no luck...

 Here the fatty guilty worm...what is your name, eh???

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